Large Cowhide Tote - Chocolate & White

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13" tall x 14" wide with a 4" base, a 30" shoulder strap and trimmed in pure chocolate leather:
With a completely finished fabric lining inside. Complete with 2 large main sections, seperated by a full length zippered pocket in the middle of the bag. Also included is a phone pocket on one side and another zippered pocket on the other.
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With a striking design and handmade quality, this large tote is perfect for the girl who needs all of her essentials within reach. All of our Cowhide Totes feature natural hide on both sides of the handbag. Our hides are hand selected and will have natural variations in design to create one of a kind pieces just for you.  Most of our natural Cowhide product come in 5 different varieties of hide, each with their own characteristics.

Salt & Pepper - features a white field with smaller spots of black. Trimmed in black leather.

Black & White - features larger areas of black and white, usually with slightly longer hair. Trimmed in black leather.

Rust and White - is similar to black and white, but in the Rust/Lt. Brown color palette. Trimmed in cream leather.

Chocolate and White - tends to be more similar to the Salt & Pepper with larger spots of chocolate. Trimmed in chocolate leather.

Brindle - with mixed Rust and Black hues. Trimmed in black leather.