Fit Guide


Our slides with the true leather soles and wedges with comfort synthetic soles are offered in whole sizes only.  If you are normally a 1/2 size we recommend going down to the lower full size.  i.e. 8 1/2 should order a size 8.


Agave Sky boots are designed to be comfortable and stylish.  All boots have a zipper for ease of getting on and off and a state of the art cushioned insole that is comfortable from the first time you slip them on.  Although Agave Sky boots do not need to be "broken in" to be comfortable, they will over time continue to conform to your feet and become even more comfortable as time goes on.

 Available whole sizes are 5 -12 and half sizes 6.5 - 10.5

Every woman's foot and calf are unique, so here are some guidelines to help ensure your are acquiring the best Agave Sky boot for you. We do not currently have wide or narrow sizes.  All boots are made on our own custom shoe lasts and are medium ladies widths.  All references below are to your normal everyday shoes size and it is usually best to make any measurements of your feet in the morning as the rigors of the day can cause changes.

Ankle boots

Our Agave Sky Ankle boots tend to run about 1/2 size large.  If you are a true size 7 1/2, or between a 7 and 7 1/2, we recommend a size 7 ankle boot. This is true for both the Sugar Skulls and the Vintage Floral styles. The tube of our ankle boots just covers the ankle and has fit everyone that has tried it on. 2" heel

Original Cowgirl and Cowgirl Slim boots - Click here for more info

Both fit true to size shoe size on most ladies, if you are a true 7 1/2 shoe size , you probably wear a 7 1/2 Agave Sky. The difference is in the height and width of the "tube" of the boot. All ladies are not built the same.  Agave Sky original Cowgirl boots have a traditional flared leg and standard tube height and the Slim boots have a slightly taller tube and narrower tube. Designs available in the Original Cowgirl are only available in the Original Cowgirl and the designs in the Slim are only available in the Slim, they cannot be switched. 2" heel.

We recommend measuring around your calf at the height listed below to ensure the proper fit for you. See pictures at link above.

The following measurements are for the Original Cowgirl, recommended for more athletic calves and if you like to tuck your jeans into your boots:  

Size 6 - from the heel to top of back zipper - 10 1/4" and is 14.5" circumference

Size 8 - from the heel to top of back zipper - 10 1/2" and is 15" circumference

Size 11 from the heel to top of back zipper - 11 1/2" and is 16.25" circumference

The following measurements are for Cowgirl Slim boots, recommended for slimmer calves and longer legs:

Size 6 - from the heel to top of back zipper -11 3/4" and is 14" circumference

Size 8 - from the heel to top of back zipper - 12 1/4" and is 14.5" circumference

Size 11 from the heel to top of back zipper - 13 1/4" and is 15.5" circumference

In bare feet, measure from the floor to the height on your calf corresponding to your boot size and then measure around your calf at that point. Click here for the difference between "Slim" and "Original Cowgirl" If you have any questions please Contact us and we can help

Knee High boots

Our Knee high boots also fit true to size; however, they have a taller 2 3/4" heel and with the added height some ladies have preferred to go up one half size to keep the comfort level they have with our other boots.  You can use the measurement guidelines for the Original cowgirl boots to ensure proper fit of our Knee high boots.